Hand Wash Station

The hand wash station is one of our most popular products, as it is essential for promoting good hygiene and preventing the spread of illness in any outdoor or remote setting. This guide will explain what a hand wash station is, the various varieties that are available, and the advantages of renting one.

A hand wash station is a portable unit designed to provide individuals with a clean and convenient location to cleanse their hands.

Hand wash stations are an essential tool for promoting good hygiene and preventing the spread of disease. They are typically utilized in outdoor or remote settings with limited access to running water and plumbing.

Various Forms of Hand Wash Station

Our rental company offers a variety of hand wash station options to satisfy your particular requirements. Here are some of the hand cleaning stations we provide:

Basic Hand Wash Station – has a foot pump to dispense water and soap for hand cleansing.

Deluxe Hand Wash Station – This design includes a sink with running water, a soap dispenser, and a paper towel dispenser.

Hand Sanitizer Station – provides a quick and convenient method to sanitize hands without water or soap.

Characteristics of a Hand Wash Station

Depending on the model you select, hand wash stations may come with a number of different features. Here are some features that our hand cleansing station rentals may include:

  1. Foot-operated pump for hands-free use
  2. A sink with flowing water
  3. Soap dispenser
  4. Paper towel dispenser
  5. Built-in waste basket
  6. Simple to transport and assemble
  7. Construction designed to withstand outdoor conditions

Perks of Hiring Hand Wash Stations

There are numerous advantages to renting a handwashing station for an outdoor or remote event. Here are a few good reasons to consider renting one:

Promote Good Hygiene – Hand wash stations provide individuals with a convenient and easily accessible location to cleanse their hands, thereby promoting good hygiene and preventing the spread of illness.

Comply with Regulations – Depending on the nature of your event or workplace, you may be required to provide hand cleansing stations for your employees or guests.

Handwashing stations are designed to be portable and user-friendly, making them ideal for outdoor and remote locations where plumbing and flowing water are not readily available.

Cost-Effective Alternative – Without the need for expensive infrastructure installations or construction, renting a hand wash station is a cost-effective way to provide sanitation options at your event or job site.

Consider Renting a Hand Wash Station When:

There are a few circumstances in which renting a hand cleansing station is particularly advantageous:

Outdoor Events – If you are planning an outdoor event like a festival, concert, or fair, you must rent a hand cleanse station to ensure the health and safety of your guests.

Construction Sites – In order to comply with OSHA regulations and promote safe working conditions, construction sites frequently require hand cleansing stations.

Remote Job Sites – If your job site is located in a remote area without easy access to plumbing and flowing water, renting a hand wash station is the best way to provide sanitation options for your employees.


Our rental company recognizes the significance of promoting cleanliness and preventing the transmission of disease. Therefore, we offer a variety of hand wash station options to accommodate your particular requirements. Our hand wash stations are designed to be portable, user-friendly, and cost-effective, making them ideal for any outdoor or remote setting. Contact us today to find out how our hand hygiene station rentals can benefit your event or construction site.